UNITED MESSAGE 1The Dancehall United Nations (DUN) Carries the colors of  authenticity. An empowering and uniting platform.  Rockerz Jamaica“The Dancehall Art Foundation” advocates in strengthening Jamaica’s popular dance style, legitimacy, popularity,values and roots. Represented by an official trade mark.  Respecting the true values and the origins of Jamaica’s culture.


The Dancehall United Nations: Is a culturing organization based in Jamaica connecting passionate individuals around the globe through imports and exports of music dance and culture.  Bringing forth excellence, highlighting greatness as an official empowering platform. “The Dancehall United Nations” (DUN) has dedicated to build positive vibes within communities, with the expressions of Jamaica’s music, dance and culture.



Dun Dem World Cup Series” is an event that unites!  “Wherever you are in the world, the passion for music,culture and dance is all about connection, celebration and happiness – and that’s what our organization stands for.  The DUN DEM World Cup qualifications highlighting “Dancehall Through The Decades” right up to the top level at the DUN DEM World Cup™

Taking the blueprint of our culture and dance expressions to its full potential of virtuosity.  Jamaica’s dance culture thus remains a key arena where the future of this volatile nation is shaped.

POSITIVE MESSAGE1We are taking the initiative to “Go Beyond Ordinary” Exporting the dynamics of Jamaica culture and dance on a professional world competitive platform.   The Dancehall World Cup (DUN DEM) is a formatted blue print highlighting grass roots of Jamaica’s popular dance style and culture. Mission: Facilitating and encouraging relationships for global. Empowering and building a creative art form.

brand-ja“DUN DEM” Dancehall World Cup: Is an official product/pro league of Jamaica’s popular dance style and music. A representation of artistic culture expressions. A special contribution to Jamaica’s culture, dance, music and entertainment.

The Nation ensures the league stays true to its foundation,roots, and culture.  Returning to the roots  with a familial atmosphere, and simultaneously building a world class competitive and entertaining platform.  Brining Out Greatness